Snuggles and cuddles

No matter what you call them.... Snuggle sacks, Cuddle sacks, Baby Bundles.... they are just so cute!
Like a baby hug in yarn.
I have been busy making loads of them lately for my Photographers, and I just had to share !

This sweet smile in a snuggle sack and top-knot beanie was made for

Of course mohair is a fluffy favourite

 And when you add a teddy beanie, its just dreamy 

 Stripy teddy is just too cute, makes me think of old "jail" outfits :0)

And sleepy pyjama style in stripes with a topknot beanie

and another cuddly bear 

This is a favourite of mine, a "hippy chick"  with lavender and sage stripes with matching daisy headband


Love all my cuddle buddies in their snuggle sacks :)
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